Synergy Training Solutions


Synergy Training Solutions (STS) is an organization committed to the education and economic development of marginalized and underserved communities.  We work to enhance the relationship between the African American church and the African American community. 

Synergy emphasizes awareness, advocacy, relationships and partnerships to obtain measurable outcomes. STS partners with various entities to provide sustainable opportunities for students and community members.


The mission of the Synergy Training Solutions’ Lead and Read Literacy Enrichment Program is to be instrumental in enriching the reading and comprehension skills of youth in the African American community. The scope of the program’s mission will be achieved by volunteer outreach to identify students with reading challenges, promoting awareness of reading issues within the community and advertising program resources, administering effective reading best practices and programs, and providing ongoing reading tutorial assistance through regular phone sessions.

 The partners will set aside time to discuss the book to ensure that students comprehend what they have read allow time for questions. The estimated time is approximately 10 to 20 minutes, once a week.

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