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Our Vision


Synergy Training Solutions established a volunteer phone-based reading program with children in the community.   Students participate in a phone-based reading program once a week and then meet twice a year to highlight their experiences and/or to participate in competitions. The meeting will be utilized to measure growth in reading skills, to help students develop a love for reading, and to determine how that growth might relate to the student’s academic progress in the classroom.  Lead and Read will stimulate the child’s creativity, provide opportunities to learn about black history, increase general knowledge and increase their ability to transfer knowledge, and become critical thinkers and experience improved literacy.

Synergy Training Solutions provides advocacy for the African American community and church.  Church members will be volunteer reading partners to children in the local school system and/or community. A key component of church membership is to meet the underserved of the community where their needs exist, as well as helping students develop a love for reading at an early age and for encouraging reading to become a key part of their daily regimen. This literary outreach program will allow church members to become actively engaged in the educational growth and enrichment of our community youth.


The Lead and Read Literacy Enrichment Program aims to improve reading skills, reading comprehension, writing skills, speaking skills, and critical thinking skills for children in our community, while teaching African American history.   The organization desires to leave a measurable impact on underserved and marginalized communities through strengthening the literacy of its residents.


The mission of the “Lead and Read” Reading Literacy Enrichment Program is to be instrumental in enriching the reading and comprehension skills of youth in our community. The scope of the program’s mission will be achieved by volunteer outreach to identify students in the community, especially ones with reading challenges, promoting awareness of reading issues within the community and advertising program resources, administering effective reading best practices and programs, and providing on-going reading tutorial assistance through regular phone sessions.

Program Delivery Method

The volunteer mentor will provide over-the-phone reading tutorials to their assigned student partner.  The students and the volunteer mentors will have possession of the same book.  The students will read to the mentor with the mentor providing assistance as needed. The mentor and student will take time to discuss the book to ensure comprehension and to allow time for questions.  The estimated session time is approximately 10 to 20 minutes, once a week.

The mentor/student partners will select the books from the library, online, Amazon free Kindle selection, church selection, or teacher assigned classroom reading lists.  Please note that many libraries also have the option of reviewing books online.

Program Structure

Program Application Process

The application for membership is available online, for churches (organizations), volunteers, and parents. Volunteer/Mentors will contact the student applicant to discuss program specifics, to schedule start dates, and to set up subsequent reading schedules.   The mentors will focus on challenging students to develop a passion and a love of reading. The number of pages covered per session will vary per student.   Some students may only read a few pages per session while others may read an entire book. Any amount of reading is acceptable.  The students should finish each session feeling that they are accomplishing something.  When a student is struggling, it will be the responsibility of the mentor to provide guidance to help the student work through mastering their reading challenges.  Each mentor will select the best options for assisting their student.  Reading sessions will only take place over the phone, and students are to be contacted once a week.

The students will be obtained through local:
• Churches
• Community organizations
• Health and Human Services
• Schools
• Special Programs
• Other government organizations
• Other organizations


This program will be administered by Synergy Training Solutions. This is a membership-based program and Synergy Training Solutions will maintain all records, materials, oversee program objectives and mission, and provide management, administration, and oversight of the program. The member churches and organizations will accept applications from volunteers for screening and selection.  The churches and their volunteer members will inform the community and local schools of their membership in the “Lead and Read” program. The organization will pair the volunteers/mentors with students and assist all parties as they register online.

Target Demographic

The target populations for services are school-aged children within our local communities with the highest level of reading disparities. However, any student can participate through an approved member organization. The program will also be opened to serve all young adult population and elderly community members having a desire to develop and or to sharpen their literacy skills in late 2024.

  • Public Relations:
    The purpose of marketing and publicity of the program is: (no colon :)to make the community aware of this new faith-based outreach literacy program that is available to school-aged children.
  • Long-Term Enrichment:
    Mentors and students will meet as a group twice a year for readings, discussions, and programming.
    The Lead and Read Program will also host an oratorical competition twice a year.

The organization will also host a social gathering for the students and their entire family annually.  The social gathering will also be a collaboration of churches and community organizations in the area.

Membership Plan


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