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“Black Tech” is a part of a series of non-fiction children’s books designed to showcase the contributions that African Americans have made and are still making in the development of the United States and the world. Our children engage with technology daily and this book will highlight a few African American contributors in the technology space.

It is written for 6- to 8-year-olds or 1st to 3rd graders. Some of the people featured in Black Tech are

Gladys West – GPS
Jesse Russell – cell phone
Alexander Miles – automatic elevator Door opener
Mary Van Brittan-Brown – security system
Garrett Morgan – traffic light
Frederick Jones – truck refrigeration
Shirley Jackson – touch tone telephone, the portable fax, caller ID, and the fiber optic cable

About The Author

Theresa Merritt-Watson is committed to equal opportunity for all citizens and she believes that is it extremely important that African American children know their history and the contributions of African Americans to the United States of America.  She believes that this knowledge can be unifying and help African Americans to move forward and to build on the foundation left by our ancestors.  Theresa also believes that every child has passions and interests that can be nurtured at home, at school, and at church and she hopes that her book can help to foster that process.

Theresa says that African-American history should be part of a child’s daily reading regiment because “knowing one’s history benefits everyone and ensures that no one is left in the dark.”  She also says that it is of the utmost importance that children learn history at home and that learning must include all aspects whether those aspects are good, bad, or indifferent.  She believes that learning one’s history can help children to know themselves which can change the trajectory of African-American education and economics while invoking a sense of pride and patriotism.

Theresa has six adult children and is a native of North Carolina.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Shaw University, a Master in Business Administration degree from the University of Arizona, and a Master in Education degree from Temple University.

Theresa can be contacted at info@SynergyTrainingSolutions.Org , or  WWW.SynergyTrainingSolutions.Org

Theresa Merritt-Watson
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

About Black Tech Book

The Eagle

We used the eagle on the cover because it symbolizes loyalty, devotion, freedom, truth, honor, the divine, hope, foresight, and spiritual awareness.

The eagle’s characteristics are the same traits we need for critical thinking and creativity. The inventors featured in this book possessed these traits, transferring their knowledge and experiences to great inventions we still use today.

Why Black Tech?

Let’s not continue to ask how African American history fits into the narrative of this country. There is no aspect of everyday life in America that has not been touched or influenced by African Americans. 

However, this is not a well-known fact, and it is seldom taught at home, school or church.  African American history should be part of a child’s daily reading regiment.


That’s why we’ve set up this process of book sponsorship with the goal of getting African American history into the hands of children and families. The first book in this series is Black Tech, Black Leaders in Technology. Your sponsorship of $13.95 plus shipping would purchase a book for a child, many of whom have limited access to books at home.


African Americans have influenced, contributed, and helped develop the United States as we know it today. 

The series will focus on science, art, music, culture, technology, finance, architecture, mathematics, inventions, literature, medicine and politics.

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