Our Services

Our Services


One of Synergy Training Solutions’ goals is to raise awareness of African American contributions to the U.S. These contributions include inventions, arts, science, math, transportation, architecture, engineering, medicine, business and technology, as well as building financial institutions and establishing educational institutions known as historically black colleges and universities. These dynamic institutions have educated many famous graduates including media producer Oprah Winfrey, poet Langston Hughes, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., United States Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and many others.


Synergy Training Solutions advocates for marginalized groups by developing and supporting policy in economic and community development. Our support includes education initiatives and outreach.


Synergy Training Solutions partners with businesses and schools to offer training and workshops for students, leaders and community members. Synergy Training Solutions and its partners remain active and engaged in cutting-edge research and strategic business activities that support and expand synergistic opportunities for talented students and community members. Our organization aims to unify all people.  We love building synergy between our partners.

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